Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anopheles Quadrimaculatus

Also known as the common mosquito. This isn't typically something that you see in these parts at the end of January, but this afternoon while gathering eggs (it was a five-egg-day), I was buzzzzzzzed by one of these little blood suckers. I think he was nearly as surprised to be there as I was to see him.

We are having a bit of strange weather here. It got to nearly 50 degrees this afternoon, which is unheard of in midwinter. Everything is melting and dripping and turning into a sloppy mess. Poor Lucille Laverne doesn't even look like she got a bath this afternoon, which she did (a nice touchless one with the lemon-scented presoak). Chores took no time at all, as I didn't have to bang out a bit of ice from the water crocks. I hardly knew what to do with myself with my suddenly spare five minutes.

Winter, where are you? I think you forgot to come this year.

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