Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fresh vs. Frozen?

Now, you know I do a lot of my own canning and dehydrating and freezing of vegetables that I grow, right?  But occasionally, I do shop for things I don't or can't grow--I mean, bananas?  They don't grow in northwestern Wisconsin.  Citrus doesn't either, unless you are blessed with a heated and supplementally lit greenhouse.  (I am not so blessed.)  So for some things, I go shopping.  Of course, I try to find the organic option and eat seasonally, but sometimes, you just want something to eat and don't want to spend time analyzing what is the best option.  I have always vaguely wondered about fresh vegetables versus frozen vegetables...and so, it was great to find this neat little video on YouTube.
Pretty neat, right?  So now, when I buy a couple bags of organic frozen sweet corn nibblets, I can be happy in the knowledge that it was picked at the peak of freshness and there's all kinds of locked-in vitamins in there.


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