Friday, November 29, 2013

To Shop or Not

So, are you out shopping today, or not?

Now, I readily admit that yes, I have gone to many a Black Friday sale.  There are times when what I really want to get someone goes wildly on discount early in the morning, and out I go with the other insane people.  I admit that yes, I do get a little exhilarated standing outside in the dark and cold, drinking a coffee and waiting for the doors to open and the madness begin.

But this year, I'm consciously not doing it.  Not only do I not need to buy anything on sale today for anyone (including myself), but this year, the images of crazed, greedy grabbing up of things is...well, terrifying.  The images coming from the crowds outside the big box stores, all fighting for a cheap TV, are too similar to images of people fighting for food and medical supplies in other countries, worlds away from ours.  And it makes you think, doesn't it, about, well, how many TVs do we really need?  And why are we all blindly throwing money at these sales, anyway?  Looking back at holidays, I don't really remember the stuff I got.  I remember other things, like watching a movie with my parents and brothers, or spending the holiday goofing around with friends who became family, when we all lived so far away from "home".  I get so much more pleasure giving someone a present that I made, that I know they will love, or finding them something purchased that will be exactly what they want or need--not just bought because it was on a decent sale and I had to get them something "gifty".

So today, I'm going to be home, in my pajamas for as long as possible, drinking Bailey's laced coffee and contemplating knitting patterns.  Somehow, I don't think I'll run the risk of being trampled or carjacked in the parking lot for those things.  Lucky for me, knitting gear is not quite so hot as the latest X-Box system or iPhone.  Ha!

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  1. Ha ha ha! I think they are going too far this year. Opening on Thanksgiving? Really? I did not shop, and have not for years. Now they have a special shopping theme for Saturday and even Monday? It's just gone too far anymore. I stayed home and crocheted and read a book.


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