Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rabbitry Update

Remember a few days ago when I promised new pictures of the additions to the rabbitry?  Here they are, finally. 

This is Hercules, a lovely boy in all ways.

And this is the fair Desdemona, who likes to paint herself with pee...yuck.
I have no idea why Des started the whole pee-as-paint thing, but she seems pretty happy with it.  She's a funny little thing, I'm hoping she works out for breeding--if not, well, there's always the other option.  In any case, the remaining three young bucks are growing nicely.  If they don't go off to other rabbitries, they'll make nice additions to the freezer.  Overall, the rabbits are doing great and are really enjoying the colder weather--finally, those fur coats come in handy!

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