Friday, June 29, 2012

Jungle Fowl

No, we haven't moved to South America...although the recent heat wave could fool you into thinking that.  I don't have actual Jungle Fowl here on the property.  It gets far too chilly for those tropical ancestors of my chickens. 

My girls have discovered a taste for the trees.  In particular, the box elders that border the south side of the lot.  While I am sure that they would love to fly up and perch in them, what they really get thrilled about is consuming them.

While pruning this morning (box elders love to grow all sorts of suckers at the base, which makes for a weedy looking tree), I tossed in the trimmings to the girls.  They are having a grand time rootling around in the depths, crooning and clucking and cackling.  Even the spring pullets are getting into the act:

In a few hours, they will have all the leaves stripped off the branches.  Some of the smaller twigs may get eaten as well.  Voracious, aren't they?  Talk about deforestation risk.  Don't let the chickens out, they might eat the whole forest!

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