Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Nook

This was such a great afternoon.  I coerced my friend Mike into coming along for a road trip to Gene's in Weyerhauser.  Oh, how I love Gene's!  Five barns filled to the brim, floor to rafters, with stacks and boxes and piles of junk to sort through.  At some point, I wandered off and ditched Mike in the depths of one of the barns, and went in search of treasures.  I wound up finding a deal on a twin sized mattress and a little shelf-table thing, which will work to fix up a cozy area for reading and little kid guests to enjoy.  My other "guest" areas are in fairly public spots in my little house, so when someone wants to go to bed early (or needs to be put to bed early so the grownups can have some adult time without them), there hasn't been a spot to stick them into.

No longer is this an issue!  I've rearranged the former sewing area upstairs, and created a little nook with a $20 daybed frame, a bookshelf, and that little table I mentioned finding at Gene's.  Here's the initial outcome after an hour or so of wrangling furniture:

It's a tad austere at the moment, but just wait until I swathe it in layers of quilts and pillows.  I think I may need to find some kitchy cowgirl fabric somewhere and make a big body pillow along the back.  And maybe some sequins...definitely sequins!

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