Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Succession Stories

 If you've been reading the blog over the past week, you'll remember that my emerging garden suffered some serious losses due to the unusually heavy and copious rainfall last week.  While this was sad, it did give me the opportunity to root out the "failed" crops, and plant new seeds for successive vegetable growing.

I haven't done too much with succession planting, simply because I have found that it takes most of the summer to grow what I can on my little quarter acre of paradise, and then I get busy and forget to put in new seeds for a later crop.  I like the idea of succession planting, which seems to be challenging the elements and the turning of the seasons by looking to eke out a harvest of beans or peas or chard right before frost comes and winter is looking over our shoulders.

So far, I've planted for a fall harvest of beets, turnips and chard.  I have plans today (if I ever make it out there following breakfast) to plant some peas and other delicious things.  Of course, I'll have to dig the weeds out of the bed I need to be planting in...ahhh well.  I think I'll go have more bacon and watch a fun gardening video.

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