Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nook Part Deaux

It was another rainy afternoon, and a group of people who signed up to come out and learn about rabbits, didn't show up.  So I took advantage of the suddenly open afternoon, and beavered away making pillows for the nook.  I swear, my sewing machine was in the groove!

Ooooh, I just love a pile of pillows, don't you?  That little beauty beaming from the corner is a one-of-a-kind ceramic lamp I picked up at St. Vinnie's Thrift Store yesterday.  I've always had a soft spot for Raggedy Anne, and I think Annie-girl fits right into the grandma's attic exploded decorating scheme I have going on.

Here's a snap of the little table and vintage retro lamp I picked up; table from Gene's and the lamp from this fantastic "everything's a quarter" garage sale I discovered yesterday afternoon, too.  It was incredible.  All the items were circa 1920 through about 1970, all for twenty five cents.  Piles and boxes and bundles...ahh, don't get me started.  It was awesome, though.  Anyway, here's the promised photo:

Can you tell that I am unafraid of color?

I swear, looking at this nook just makes me want to dive on in.

Just wait until I add the bookshelves.  It'll be hard to pry me outta there, once I get my hands on a good book and plump in amongst the pillows!

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  1. Wow! It looks fabulous! I want to hang in there. I am a pillow and blanket hog- the more the merrier! Very nice for anyone that stops by to relax in! You can make me pillows anytime!


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