Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rainy Day Blues

And pinks, and greens, and perhaps a splash of irrepressible yellow!

Today has been a day of rolling thunderstorms, which made the dogs highly clingy and the chicks annoyed by the chill in the air.  As for me, I was delighted with a day where I didn't have to be out moving mountains of dirt or grubbing out persistent weeds.  I got to spend the whole morning (between loads of laundry) digging through my fabric stash and combining assorted designs to make some pillows for the new nook upstairs.

I just love combining fabrics.  Even those that you think would never go together can be made to work.  I am really feeling the strip-stripe-quilting thing right now, can you tell?

After a productive morning, I have five newly covered throw pillows which will hopefully make the nook an inviting retreat.   I have plans to fetch more pillow forms tomorrow, because I think five little pillows isn't nearly enough.  I think the nook also requires a body pillow or two, and bookshelves.  Definitely bookshelves.

With sequins.

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  1. Wow you are productive!! Those pillows look awesome! Love all the colors and patterns together. Good job!


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