Sunday, June 17, 2012

Need Stuff? Head to the Barn!

This morning, I picked up my good friends Mike & Gretchen, and we headed to a new-to-me thrift store experience:  The Barn in New Richmond, WI.  The Barn is part of the historical museum complex, which has many structures important in the history of the area across the grounds.

This vintage lovely structure once housed a herd of prize-winning dairy cows, and now holds all of this:

Incredible, isn't it?  Even better than the collection of stuff is the pricing.  Most things are priced at a quarter, or a few bucks.  I found a whole slew of childrens' books for ten cents per book, as well as a whole lot of wooden beads for ten to twenty-five cents per package.  I even scored a fairly new feather pillow for five dollars.

I hear that Saturday mornings are when the die-hard shoppers appear, but Sundays the Barn opens at 12 noon and seems to attract a calmer crowd.  It was nice to have a low key place to wander around in, because it let me admire the remnants of when the Barn was part of a working farm.

I love how the ribbons and medals from fair showings and regional competions are still tucked away, safe in glass cases behind the racks of old flannel shirts and knitted baby afghans.

The original narrow stairs with rung railings are challenging to navigate with an armful of found treasures, recalling what it might have been like to travel them carrying a bag of feed or bale of straw.  Best of all, there are human treasures like my new friend Erv working there:

Isn't he just a lovely man?  Such a hoot to listen to him visit with all the customers...I nearly walked out of there with a desk I didn't need, he's such a smooth salesman!

Bargain hunting trips don't come much better than this one.

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  1. Man I will have to put that place on my summer day trip list! Thanks for sharing!


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