Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Indoor Greenery

My indoor greens experiment (mark 2) is going very well!  In a week, I have four trays filled with sassy little seedlings: arugula, mesclun mix, and mustard.  I think in another week or so I should have the first of many cut-and-come-again homegrown salads--in the middle of January!!

 My large vintage wine crate of parsley is growing well, and tucked into its depths are some flourishing Good King Henry starts.  GKH is a type of "perennial" spinach.  With luck, I can transplant it gently into the back garden where it will continue to throw up shoots (cooked much like asparagus) and green arrowhead-shaped leaves (eaten like spinach) for years to come.  Eventually, it will be a happy three-foot tall hedge of goodness.
New parsley growth, after my incredible harvest a week ago!

I even have a small flowering surprise, from my straggling winter savory plant.  I'm pondering cutting it waaaaay back, to see if it grows bushier and makes more delicious little green leaves.
Even my rosemary is happy under lights.  This will be the first year I've successfully overwintered rosemary--I usually wind up murdering it by accident at some point in November, and here it's made it all the way until after the holidays!

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  1. I am ULTRA impressed! Way to grow ;-)



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