Saturday, January 18, 2014

Seed Swappin' Today!

It's the Day of the 5th Annual Seed Swap!!  Tomorrow I hope to have some pictures of the event, as well as details about all the cool stuff and amazing people who came out.  But for now, if you happen to be in the area and wanted to come on down, here's the details once again:

  • WHAT IS IT?  A seed swap, where you can bring your extra seeds and trade them with someone else for their seeds.  Or, you can come and borrow seeds from the Seed Library.  Or, you can come and get some of the many, many, MANY free seeds that are just available for the taking.
  • WHAT TIME?  The swap starts at 10 AM and runs until 1:30 PM.
  • WHERE DO I GO?  Come to Prairie Farm Elementary School, located at 630 S. River Avenue, in Prairie Farm, Wisconsin.  We'll be taking over the Multipurpose Room in the Elementary School--look for the big red and white signs showing the way.
  • ANYTHING ELSE?  There will be coffee and snacks, and everyone is welcome!  And, just in case you don't see the seeds you've been wanting, we will be coordinating a group seed order to save on shipping and about 10% off the packet price.
See you at the Swap!

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