Sunday, January 12, 2014


This is my friend Raine.  I am terribly proud of her, because she just pulled off her first successful Seed Swap.  Go, Raine!
This is Mikhaila, her lovely daughter.  She was a big help at the Swap--go, Kid! 
It was a lovely, fun event with gardeners from the community coming together to talk seeds, trade seeds, and go in on discounted seed ordering,  Mostly, though, it was a great time to chat and get to know others who like to play in the dirt.  Given that it was the first ever Swap in the area, I was really impressed with the number of people who came out, as well as their enthusiasm.  When twenty strangers all come together to share seeds in a quiet, snowy corner of the northwoods of Wisconsin, you know that there is a serious interest in Swapping!  Everyone seemed to be excited about the seeds that they took home, and all of them said that they were excited to see a swap starting up in their neck of the woods.  With this kind of a start, I have no doubt that Raine will continue to have success with an annual Seed Swap.  Yay!

If you've never been to a Seed Swap, I encourage you to track down one wherever you are.  And if there isn't one, I think you should work toward organizing one.  It's a bit of leg-work, but the end result is a marvelous day.  Plus, you get really cool seeds!

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