Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sunchokes, Two Ways

Last summer, I planted several tubers from a friend's well established Jerusalem Artichoke bed (aka Sunchokes) in the corner of the Perennial Vegetable Bed.  All summer, they flourished, grew tall and made a tidy little circle of tall, green plants topped by teeny sunflower-like blooms in August.  When fall and frosty weather rolled around, I opted to not harvest the first year tubers--they are likely prolific, but I figured, ah what the heck, I'll give them another year to grow.  I am fairly certain that they will pop up again come spring.  I hear it is incredibly hard to kill off this hardy native species.

I stumbled across this video by The Wisconsin Gardener series (a great channel to watch, by the way) and thought: Hey, that's a good idea!  As they mention on the video, sunchokes can become a pest in the in-ground garden so if you're limited on space, growing them in containers may just be the ticket to success without risking losing your entire garden to their giant trifid-like stalks.

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