Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Time for Prep

So it isn't quite time to start seeds, even though I feel the urge very strongly.  The problem with starting seeds too early is that generally, even under lights and with proper management, plants will get pale and leggy and sad if they are left in little pots too long before planting them out in the garden.  And you can't plant them out in the garden until it is spring time and the soil is right, so I must wait.

I'm working on satisfying my planting urges, though, by rummaging around and gathering up all my supplies.  I placed my order for Jiffy peat pellets last week, and I know for some people, that's fairly controversial.  I find them indispensible, though--they are the only things that have worked consistently for my onion seedlings, so I'm sticking with them, as well as for starting things that hate to have their roots disturbed (squash, I'm looking at you!)  For other things though, I like an assortment of inexpensive containers of various depths and sizes to use to both start seeds and pot transplants along.  This handy video shows one of my more favorite tools: the Red Solo Cup. 

It's not just for drinking beer around the bonfire, folks.

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