Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Swapping!

Today, I am headed up to Lac Courte Orielles to visit friends and fellow gardeners at their first annual Seed Swap.  My friend Raine of Tails from the Farm is an intern at the LCOCC Farm, and as part of her work encouraging gardening skills, food sovereignty and rescue of traditional food crops, she's organized this exciting event.  I'm bringing up my personal stash of seeds and hope to meet new folks and talk gardening on a cold January morning.  With any luck, I hope to score a new-to-me variety of something nifty--I'm always keen on a new bean or squash!

I love events like this, and while they aren't as folksy (yet) as the one depicted in Seed Swap in the Ozarks, seen in this video trailer, they are a pretty fun time.  Fun, that is, if you like talking seeds!

If you haven't yet seen the documentary film Seed Swap in the Ozarks, I encourage you to see if you can find a copy through your local library system.  I wound up purchasing a copy for the Little Free Library, so if you are in the neighborhood drop on by and check it out!  It's an entertaining and uplifting film, and the seeds...oh, the seeds!

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