Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thank You, Pigs.

Yesterday, I got an message from my friends at LTD Farm that it had been harvest day for the three pigs they had spent the summer, fall and early winter raising out in a cozy pasture.  These little monsters had grown from small wiggly creatures to enormously friendly beasts--it was a delight to watch their progress via shared photographs and a brief on-farm visit.  While I know yesterday was bittersweet for my farmer friends, I am so glad that the pigs' end was as peaceful as their entire lives had been.

If you've read my blog for a while, you know that I try to produce as much of my own food as possible.  Gardening for vegetables and fruit, raising eggs, chicken and rabbit...its work, but so essential to me.  For those things I can't raise on the 1/4 acre Farmlette, I am so glad to have friends who are willing to work hard and raise quality animals that are harvested humanely.  Someday, perhaps, I'll tackle my own pig raising adventure, but until then, I am terribly glad to have friends who I can buy from--and trust that the animal had a wonderful life, AND be absolutely, decadently delicious in any recipe I choose to make.

In a couple of weeks, I should have a half-a-pig ready to pop into my freezer.  Now that is an exciting prospect!

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