Monday, April 14, 2014


With spring weather finally arriving, it was time to set out the potatoes and let them get ready for planting.  I had a stash of small potatoes that had started going to seed in the late winter, so I took them out of their baskets and started chitting.

Chitting is an easy process.  You simply take your seed potato and place it in an egg carton, with the little "eyes" or rooting buds pointing upwards.  As you can see, my eyes had started sprouting already.  Left in the dark, the new growth will grow long and lanky and weak, and it won't work to plant the potatoes out.  So, by taking them out of the dark and into the light on the porch, my potatoes will sprout happily (and slowly) for the next couple of weeks until the soil warms enough to plant them.

 I've got lots of Carola potatoes, and one half-carton of German Butterball.  I love both of these potatoes. They have great flavor, and are fantastic keepers.  With any luck, I'll have a successful growing year and have plenty more when next fall's harvest rolls around.

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