Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Signs of Spring

Inside the house, the living room is filled with the smell of growing plants and damp dirt.  Outside, the Walking Onions and chives are sending out new green sprouts.  Everywhere you look, there are pots and tubs and trays filled with little plants and damp peat moss.

The cats love it.  They keep wanting to nibble everything, or give the dirt a nice, cozy dig.

The weather has turned chilly again, but it looks like next week we should be over the hump and well on our way to warm spring temperatures.  I have a long holiday weekend ahead of me, starting tomorrow afternoon, so I plan to spend time outside starting the clean up process.  The dog yard needs attention, as does the very weedy back garden and hoop house.  I think a run to the hardware store and greenhouse supply shop are on the menu--leaf compost and T-Posts are firmly on the shopping list this year.  I also need to repair a couple of gate hinges, and install something to keep the overly-licky Wonderdoodle away from the rabbits.  He really likes to snuffle up through the trellis and lick them...great for him, terrifying for the bunnies.

I also need to research making homemade egg dye from vegetables.  I think it should be easy enough, I just need to get my proportions correct before I have my little gardeners try it out at Youth Garden Club tomorrow afternoon.  It's still too wet to go out and work on our garden plot, so we'll be indoors dyeing eggs and making radish & carrot seed tape.  Man, I really hope I get an extra pair or two of helping hands...I have visions of multi-colored flour paste coating every surface before we are done.

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