Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Temporary Greenhouse

The onions and cabbages have been moved out to the porch, which warms up during the day very nicely.  at night, though, the temperature drops and while it doesn't freeze, it does get nippy.  While both onions and members of the cabbage family do well with cool temperatures, these particular beauties have been indoors...so they are teensy bit sensitive. 

Until the weather cooperates and allows me to plant these guys outdoors, I've rigged up a pseudo-greenhouse made from leftover 4 mil plastic, some staples, and a handy wire kennel divider (to keep the cat from sleeping on the onions again).  During the warm sunny days, I roll back the plastic.  And then at night, when it gets colder, I roll the plastic back up.  Tah dah!  Simple and effective, and somewhat cat proof.

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