Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Many Faces of Mint

Lemon Balm, melissa officinalis
I love mint.  Not only does it smell lovely, it makes for a wonderful tea or additive to lemonade to cool summer's heat.  (It's also pretty good mixed into a mojito.)  Mint, however, can be a bane in the garden.  I have to dig my herb bed again, to eradicate the rogue mint that has come back.  I probably left a root or two in place last time I dug it out, and it's come back with a vengance.  This year, I'll be planting the mint into containers.

I'm adding this beautiful varigated variety to my mint stash: ginger mint.
Isn't it beautiful?  Golden streaks on a bright green leaf, with bright red stems.  Gorgeous!

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