Wednesday, April 2, 2014

To Goat or Not to Goat

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Ah, the eternal question.  Is it time to break free from the dairy purchasing racket?  Is this the year to invest in a small dairy goat, with all the inherent housing, care, feed, and et cetera involved with that decision?

I'm not sure.

Well, I do know that yes, I do want a goat.  The idea of milking twice daily and being tied to being at home for months to do that particular chore doesn't really worry me--the more involved I get with my backyard homesteading, the less inclined I am to travel anywhere, anyway.  Every creature here needs tending morning and night, and I can only afford (and find) so much local help.  One more critter who will need me around twice a day?  No big deal, really.

And the adventure of trying my hand at milking sounds pretty exciting to me.  Milk by the quart, homemade chevre and feta and mozzarella cheeses?  Yes please!

So I guess I am nearly ready to make the leap into goat-hood.  Now, to figure out where to put the goat area (I'm thinking corner of the yard, under-ish the pine trees) and the legistics of fencing (I'm envisioning wood fence panels with hot electrical wire on the inside, to keep anyone from bouncing out), and determine housing needs.  There's a bit of planning ahead, but that's ok: I like a project. 

As for the goat, I've got a lead on a possible pygmy doeling who will be ready mid-summer.  So you never know...stay tuned for future developments!

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  1. We may be selling our goats this year. None of the younger kids are willing to learn to milk, so I can have a back up. Otherwise I cannot take my camping trips, which I do relish. Then again, I have to learn to clean hooves and so forth too. And Big Boy and I have a love-hate relationship. If I bring him treats he doesn't rub on me. He already stinks right now. He's about 200 pounds. He is another factor in the "continue raising goats" decision this year.


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