Sunday, April 13, 2014

Major Award

So last weekend, I received a rather exciting email.  Several weeks prior, I had entered a Grow Your Homestead contest held by Storey Books.  I wrote a very short essay on what I do here on the Farmlette, and what I would do with the prizes should I win them.  I'm sure hundreds of people submitted entries, so imagine my surprise when I was picked as the Grand Prize Winner!  I felt a little like the dad in A Christmas Story, when he comes in waving a telegram and shouting "I won! I won! I won!"

It may not be a leg lamp, but I love my new potting bench.  I've wanted one for-evah, and now, I have one.  I also won ten books from Storey, which I have added to the Little Free Library...well, I'm currently reading The Backyard Goat, so that will go in later (ha!)  If the books and potting shed weren't wonderful enough, I also won $200 in gift cards to Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply.  I plan to purchase some much-needed bamboo canes for myself, and then treat the Community Garden to something...maybe a collection of useful hand tools? Or a trimmer or a spade, or something?  I can hardly wait to peruse the catalogs and figure out what fun things I get to order.

I was waiting to announce my lucky win until I heard from the PR person at Storey, but since I got my loot delivered on Friday, I suppose I can announce my major award.  I've also been named their Homesteader of the Year, which is such an honor.  I'm sure there are other folks out there who do more than I do, but I'm happy to pay the goodwill forward!

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  1. Color me Very Impressed!! You are most deserving of the award(s) and I think it's so very cool :-)



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