Saturday, July 12, 2014


Yesterday, I was driving down the road after running into town to fetch supplies to make a host of delicious things (Victoria Sauce, Banoffee Cake, and Cherry Chutney...oh my, yes).  I was pondering nothing much at all, vaguely thinking about some summer projects, when it hit me: you know, I don't really need the big Car Hut any more.  What I really need, is something smaller, like this:
Of course, this means I get to purge more crap I don't need (yay, purging!) and rehome the frame of the old Car Hut.  So this morning, I'm headed outside to excavate all the crap, park it on the curb with a big "FREE" sign, and sort through what I want to keep.  I've got a new shed-in-a-box ordered, which was ON SALE (wheeee!!!) for under $140, and someone has already claimed the old Car Hut.  It only took three minutes to find it a new home, yippee.  And, they know that they need to come and disassemble it and cart it away.  I figure that's only fair, as it is Free to a Good Home.  It would make an excellent hoop house, I think...for someone else!

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