Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pretty Pantry

It took two days, but my pantry is once again an orderly place.  Through the course of the year, it had gotten a little out of control. Dry goods here, there and everywhere.  Dried food mixed with canned food, jelly and jam as far as the eye could see.

Mayhem.  Sheer mayhem.

After purging a million-and-a-half jars of really, really old jam, jelly and pickles (only slightly exaggerating here, actually) it was time to figure out some way to better order the remaining jars and boxes. Thank goodness for labels and sharpie markers!

Soups, beans, chutneys, salsa and meats
Canning rings & lids, canned veg and dried fruits.
Flours, sugar, assorted dry goods.
Jam, condiments, pickles and beets!
After all this organization, it's obvious that I need lots more salsa, canned meats, beets, and pickles.  I think I'm good on honey for a while, and I really need to eat more soup.  I've already restocked my canned beans--black, Calypso, and garbanzo--and I really should make some more of my favorite tomato-basil sauce.  That stuff is seriously good...

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  1. You are lucky to have such a nice pantry space. My kitchen has no space. Hubby built a cabinet I use in my living room (ha ha!) The house was built by cattle farmers in the 30's, so you'd think there was at least a cellar. But there isn't. Not even closets for coats etc.


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