Sunday, July 27, 2014

Good Books

Of the various community-minded projects I've decided to do, one of my most favorite is the Little Free Library.  Perched on a post in front of the house, it's cheerfully painted and tin-roofed.  It also holds a ton of books.  Really good books, by the way.  There's stuff on gardening, on goats, on greenhouse building.  There's classic food preservation manuals, memoirs in the farming-country-living genre, and treatises on self-sufficiency.  There's an impressive array of chicken manuals, and a handful of DVDs about food production, living simply, and seeds.  I may just have the greatest collection of classic 1970s Storey Living Guides this side of the Hay River.

And, it's all available for free.  That's the best part, really.  No library card needed, no late fees, no dues.  Just come, pick out a book or two, and take them home to enjoy.  Return them when you're done with them, whether that's two weeks or two years.  Come during the day or after dark, week day or weekend, and you'll find the Little Free Library is open and available to you.

I don't always see folks come by, but I know they do.  Books disappear, return, and occasionally, a new one gets dropped off.  Right now, I'm relishing the Book of Gardener Quotations.  Oh, and I snagged the copy of Stocking Up!, to see how it compares to my more current preservation manuals. (As steward, I do treat the LFL as an extension of my own bookshelves...but I don't think anyone would mind.)

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