Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sheer Whimsy

As promised, here's what I really went to the gardens for:
FAIRIES!  Glorious, lovely fairies. I simply love the fairy demonstration garden at Winter Greenhouse.  This year's theme involved campers, beaches, and little garden parties.

Apparently, fairies keep rabbits as wel.


I love this little bee skep!

Sigh...it's just so delightful whimsical it makes me want to squeal.  There may or may not have been much cooing and sighing as I took these pictures...ok.  I did squeal.  A lot.  While my woodland fairy garden may never quite look as cute as this, I did come home with some pulmonaria with deliciously spotted leaves, a golden hosta, some gorgeous foxgloves, and cranesbill geraniums in a purple-pink hue that just called my name, loudly.

I also have a secret fairy door and a little fairy on a spring, bouncing in the breezes amongst the pine boughs.  I just love adding touches of whimsy into my wildly informal gardens!

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