Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Miracle of Broth

I've been cleaning out the freezers to make room for this year's harvest to squeeze in there.  It's amazing what you can find--pesto from 2011, peas from 2009.  Far too old to eat now, but they make fine compost additions.  Aside from vegetables, frozen and forgotten, I unearthed several remains of former roast chickens.  I save the bones (in the freezer) to later combine with odds and ends of vegetables and make decadent homemade broth.  Of course, when you cram multiple carcasses in there, sometimes you lose track of a few...

Anyway...I dug out the three most recent (and tossed the older five), popped them in a giant pot with onion, garlic, and the odd frond of herbage, let them simmer away, and I was left with this: four quarts of lovely homemade stock.  I followed the directions in my canning book and after cooking them under 11 pounds of pressure for 25 minutes, I have stock that can hang out on my pantry shelf until called into action.

That reminds me, I really need to reorganize the pantry shelves. I sense another project?

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