Monday, July 28, 2014

New Shed

The directions said "This kit will take 2 people 2 hours to complete."

Liars.  It took most of a Saturday--but it did only take two intrepid women to complete (and we improved upon the directions, too.)  For all the fun of putting together a giant shed-in-a-box, it's great to have a new storage space.  It can hold all kinds of stuff: holiday decorations, garden stuff, chicken gear.
I opted to put a couple old pallets on the ground, and top them with some chipboard plywood on top, to make a floor.  I had a few spare plastic shelving units, so those are on the right side with smaller bits and bobs on them.  And, now all my outdoor rakes and hoes and such are in one spot, out of the rain.  All this organization has inspired me to tackle the porch!

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