Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Fun--Seed Geeks R Us

So, how was everyone's weekend?  Good, good, so glad to hear it.

Mine?  Oh you know...

I went to Seed Savers Exchange!!  Wheeee!!

Because of my rampant seed-geekery and enthusiasm for community seed projects, I was asked to attend the 34th Annual Campout and Conference, and talk on a panel about the seed swap, seed library and community garden projects I steward/coordinate.  Since being able to attend the event was included in the invite, I jumped at the chance.  Seed Geeks Unite!

Who says you can't glamp in a tent?
I got to attend sessions on the importance of "memory banking" (recording seed stories), homemade threshing devices, long-term seed storage tips, the gardens of Monticello, and how to save seed from biennials (such as alliums, beets, and carrots).  In between classes, I met dozens of wonderful, fellow seed/gardening afficionados, shared gardening war stories, and had some great food (as well as shopped the store on site for new seeds and such fine things as leapt into my shopping bag.)

I think our panel was well received: my lovely friend Raine spoke about the work she does with the Ojibwe peoples across five reservations here in northwestern Wisconsin, and a librarian from the Decorah Public Library spoke about the seed library project now in its second year.  I was my usual, very enthusiastic self--mainly, I wanted people to leave with the idea that even if they start small and don't think it will grow, their seed project may just launch into a really wonderful addition to their communities.  I mean, heck.  Everything I help coordinate started with ten people sitting around my kitchen table, eating soup and trading seeds on a winter's afternoon!  Now, there's a big seed swap every year, an annual plant swap, a fledgling seed library and a community garden going on.  I had NO idea that would happen when I had some folks over for lunch six years you never know, right?  Plus, you might get invited to really cool national seed-saving conferences, get to camp out under the stars, and meet dozens of new friends from all over the place.  If THAT isn't motivation to give a community seed project a try, I don't know WHAT is.

I also got to tour lovely gardens:

Sigh...such a wonderful time! 

Now, back to life on the Farmlette.  First order of business, wander the gardens, run the hoe around, and figure out what can be tackled on a rather warm day.  Second order of business, sow a few seeds for fall plantings of spinach, carrots, lettuce, and (possibly) beans.  Then, a nap.  It was a long, full weekend, after all.

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