Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Settling In

I've been on summer break for two weeks now, and slowly we're settling into a routine around here.  On a typical day, here's what happens:

7:30 AM: Wake up, release the hounds, start the coffee.
8:30 AM: Wander out to water the rabbits and chickens.  While filling the water jugs from the hose, squish whatever potato bug larvae that is visible on the potato plants.
9:00 AM: Decide which garden needs to be weeded today, and head out with gloves, hoe and gardening hat.
12:00 PM: Noon whistle blows, meaning it is time for a break. Lunch and a shower are in order.
1:30 PM: Contemplate afternoon nap, post-lunch.  It's too hot to go outside and work, anyway.
3:00 PM: Wake up from afternoon nap.  Wander downstairs, check the Facebook feed, contemplate dinner.
4:00 PM: While dinner starts its thing inside, wander outside to poke at whichever garden is shady.  Pick salad, or better yet, fresh raspberries.  Somehow, the raspberries don't usually make it back inside...
6:00 PM: Evening gardening commences.  While the dogs frolic in the yard, I haul watering cans full of water around and give anything needy a good drink.  Sometimes a little heavy digging is involved, resulting in Shower #2 of the day.
8:30 PM: Knitting and binge-Netflix watching time.  Currently, I'm addicted to Haven.  Somehow, Stephen King just speaks of summer entertainment to me.
10:00 PM: The dogs rise from their snoring positions and poke me, indicating they want out and then for me to go to bed.  Up the stairs we climb, bedtime biscuits are distributed, and everyone is snoring (including the cat) by 11 PM.

That's about it.  Thursdays are the day where I run errands in town, simply because that's the day of the Farmers Market and if I'm going there, I might as well schedule things like the dentist or the eye doctor, and do whatever in-town shopping needs to be done.  Weekends, I may connect up with friends and go on adventures.  I'm hoping for a trip into the Big City to visit a botanical garden or two this summer, or maybe just a good hang-out session on someone else's porch.  I love my summers to be lazy and long and full of days that drift into one another, with nothing much to do but garden and nap and eat fruit while wandering about.

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