Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bees, Butterflies and Blooms

I was really happy to find this series on YouTube, not just because I think planting to encourage pollinators to come and visit is a good thing, but also because I am working with a local 4H club to take over the planting of a raised bed in the Community Garden.  I'm doing a presentation in a couple weeks, and I hope to convince them to help plant some bee- and butterfly-friendly plants in there.  Not only will it help draw pollinators to the Garden, but it'll also look very pretty.  Pretty is always a good thing, when the raised bed is by the signage on the main street through town.  I think a Garden looks lovely, in whatever state it may be in, but here in the land of Mow Your Lawn Short and Plant Islands of Petunias, appearance from the street is everything.  I'm sure my neighbors drive by my riotously colorful yard and shudder...but I think a pretty flower garden (with secret pollinator attraction powers) will go over well.  In any case, this video series is giving me so great ideas of plants to consider for the Bee & Butterfly garden area.

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