Monday, March 10, 2014

The Wee Little Kits

The first babies of the Spring have arrived on the Farmlette, and boy are they cute!  Ophelia is taking wonderful care of her six fat little wrigglers.
Really, how could anyone resist those little ears?

Hello, little sausages!

They spend their days snuggled into their warm cosy nest.

Bribery: How daily checks get done.

She may have her pineapple, but she doesn't take her beady eye off me.
Have you seen anything cuter?  I mean, really.  Wee little baby bunnies in a warm and fuzzy nest.  Awww!


  1. Do you raise those for meat? We raise meat chickens, but I am wondering if rabbit is easier to raise.

    1. Hi Kristina, yep I raise meat rabbits. They are easier than chickens, in that they stay put in one place, can eat mostly hay, and are really quiet and calm. They are a little more challenging when it comes to butchering--not that it is hard, but there is the whole "really cute friendly critter" factor to wrap your mind around. I chose to start raising them a few years ago, to increase the amount of home grown meat I can produce on my 1/4 acre Farmlette. :-) They are fantastic fertilizer machines, too!!


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