Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fields of Onions

My future onion harvest is well underway with this flat of Yellow of Parma.  With my initial sowing, I had about an 80% germination rate, which is fairly excellent for onions.  But, I had the lights a little too high so my onions committed suicide by leaping out of their little peat pods in an effort to reach their artificial sun.

Bad, bad gardener.

Anyhoo, I lowered the lights and resowed the flat (I had lost a couple dozen little seedlings), topping everything with a thin layer of worm castings mixed with vermiculite.  It's been a couple of days, and everyone is looking much happier and the suicides have stopped.  I haven't seen any new germination from the re-seeded bits, but it takes onion seed a week or so to germinate so I'm confident I'll see all the little pods filled once again, with no premature deaths to worry about.

Nice save, gardener.

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  1. I've had that happen with seed too. Learn as you go. MB


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