Sunday, March 30, 2014


The chicks (once they are done drying off) are happily dwelling in their brooder.  Right now, they are content in the storage tub tucked inside of the old baby crib.  They have plenty of room to run about, eat their kibble, drink their water, and then pounce on each other, shrieking peeps. 

It seems like a fun life, really.

They absolutely love their heater.  I'm so happy I bit the bullet and got the EcoGlow 20 by Brinsea.  It's expensive (around $100 with shipping, compared to the usual $5 heat lamp bulb), but the peace of mind knowing it won't cause incineration of chicks and/or the house plus the very low electricity use (only 12 Watts!) is pretty great.  The chicks seem to be very comfortable, warm and calm.  When they feel chilly, they duck under the warming plate and snuggle in for a nap.  It's a lot like when chicks snuggle under their mama hen to warm up, a gentle warmth and cozy dark place to take a nap.  Without the constant glow of the heat lamp, their sleep cycles are much more consistent--no more continuous peeping in the night because they are awake due to the light.  It's kind of sweet, really, being able to tuck them at bedtime and turn off the lamp near their brooder, leaving them in the snoozy darkness.

They still think of me as their mama, and are fairly willing to let me pick them up and give them a little cuddle.  They seem to be curious about why I am so big and they are so small.  I think these are the calmest chicks I have ever raised!

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