Friday, March 7, 2014

Podcast Love

from the home page...what a glorious garden!

The drifts are getting smaller, but its still going to be a while before my own garden can be planted.  It doesn't stop me from dreaming and planning and wishing for it, it's nice to have an amusing gardening podcast to tune into.  I recently discovered BBC 4's Gardeners' Question Time .  Basically, a panel of gardening experts travel to different communities in the UK, and take questions from a live audience.  Not only do they know their gardening stuff, they are hilarious and witty (so is the audience, usually).  I must admit to a certain amount of envy--they are already talking about second plantings and sowing things--but mostly, it is really interesting to listen to 45 minutes of gardening advice on a wide range of topics.  It has me contemplating some unusual additions to my Wisconsin garden, as well as trying out some new techniques with the old standards.

You can play the recorded podcast from their website, or download them from iTunes for free and listen to them on your iPod/iPad/iWhatever.

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