Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Nursery Tale

You may remember these handy small beds.  Once, they had lovely recycled, old windows perched on them and functioned as glorious cold frames.  Unfortunately, one winter, we had a really heavy snow with a couple feet arriving overnight and the glass all broke.  (Sob...)  So now, they are serving another purpose until I find vintage replacement windows.

These are my new and improved nursery beds.  I have plans to create a glorious herb mound of sort by the back deck, with all kinds of perennial and self-seeding annuals running rampant in a quiet blaze of fragrant glory.  Unfortunately, I have to build said bed by weeding out an accumulated mass of persistent perennial weeds staunchly refusing to leave.  This is not a project that will be completed in any one weekend, but with young plants rapidly becoming pot-bound, it was imperative that they be freed from their confines for a short while.

Hence, the nursery beds.

They are all mixed up, planted too close, and there's no rhyme or reason to how they are placed in there.  But, until their permanent home is built, they can stretch their little roots and drink in the nutrition from the compost and catch a few rays in a sunny spot, without being afraid of drying out.  By the end of June, they should all be in their proper bed where they can grow and grow and grow....and not let those weeds back in, dang it.

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