Friday, June 6, 2014

My Humble Plot

I haven't talked too much lately about my community garden plot, have I?  It's got a nice deep layer of compost on it, thanks to a team-order of composted horse manure, and a few things planted in it.  Here's what's gone in thus far:

I usually wind up putting in a lot of beans that can just do their thing in this garden, because the conditions are great (bright sun all day long) and because the water situation is still a bit off.  Sometimes it is on, sometimes it is off...and all the time, it's just easier to have crops that can go until they naturally get rained on.  Plus, dry beans take up a lot of room and I'd rather have the diva veggies here at the house, where I can keep an eye on them more easily.

I pop into the garden most evenings, unless it's been really rainy, to check on my plot and the Youth Garden Club plot next door.  It's a nice way to while away an evening, plus I like feeling like I give people something to do as they drive by: they can contemplate who is that odd woman as they go past, craning their necks.  Sometimes I even wave, just to watch them speed up and drive on, away from the crazy person.

Hey, if you have to live in a small village, you might as well have fun with the antisocial aspects of living here. Ha!  Anyway, I'm sure they all had a great time the other day, when the kids did a video shoot dance party.  In case you haven't seen the gloriousness which is our Happy Dance, you can watch it here.  Be Happy!

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