Saturday, June 21, 2014

And I'm Off!


Well, sort of.

My "work" year has ended until Mid-August, which means now my "real" year can resume.  Instead of cramming in all my gardening, animals, community projects, and general lounging-reading-drinking-umbrella-drinkies-on-the-deck time into a short weekend, I can now spread things out over the week.

A whole week.  Just imagine it.  Oh, lovely!

With any luck, it won't rain the entire time.  I'm starting off with finishing planting the veg garden, and possibly starting the front flower garden dig out.  I'm not really excited about that digging, but I do have a vision for the fairy garden that will take place of the weedy, disorganized mess that lives there now.  And, if I don't finish by Sunday, it's ok--I can keep right on working on it, because I don't have to run off to work on Monday morning.


For everyone who does not get the "summer off", I feel your pain.  Trust me, though--the insane demands of my "work" year make the small perk of having six or seven weeks off consecutively a very welcome one. (I should note: I am never entirely off duty.  I'm the only one who does what I do, so if a problem arises, I invariably get a phone call or two that need dealing with, and occasionally, I find myself having to work a random day.  But hey, for the most part, it's no work and all real living for me!  Yippee!!)

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