Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Discovery

Oh, happy day!  Amongst my weekend  chores (including lawn mowing, weed whippering, and clipping off weedy bits from the box elder trees), I made the happy discovery that my blueberry bushes, all four of them, survived the long winter.  Huzzah! looks like four of the little bush cherry trees did as well!  I had figured I lost two of them early on in the summer--they were mere sticks and snapped under the weight of a certain outdoor kitty who I think was trying to use them to pogo across the ditch--so I am happy that the four that survived the kitty attack came back.

No fruit yet, of course, but hey: the plants aren't dead, so there's hope there may yet be some berries!

(Always live in hope when it comes to berries.)

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