Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Garden on the Side

To the south side of the house, it gets warm and sunny.  It is absolutely perfect for growing small fruits.  I have a hedge of currants started, in front of my neatly trained black raspberries. Everything is loaded with fruit!
Look at all those raspberries!  If I can beat the birds, I'll have a heck of a harvest.

Currants!  I love them so.

I also have some strawberries that I just replanted.  They are a little sad right now:

Don't let the shade fool you: They have sun for a large portion of the day.  I figure they will take off eventually.

The side garden is also home to a series of small raised beds (which double as cold frames), a McIntosh apple tree, and a Whitney crabapple tree. 
Bok choy and lettuce, nearly ready to harvest.

These two are serving as nursery beds--and doing great!
There's a large L-shaped raised bed that was my herb garden.  It's been devoured by rogue mint, that I dug out a couple years ago but apparently, missed a couple roots, and so...it is minty.  I am either going to dig it all out, or throw in the towel and pull random grass and just let it be mint.  The bees love it when it blooms, and it looks/smells nice, so I figure what the heck.  I think I can save my echinacea, french tarragon and chive plants, and then I will leave it to the mint.  Or not.  I haven't decided yet.

Tomorrow, our next stop is the front garden.

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