Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday, Sunday

Max the Wonderdoodle says "hello".

Actually, he says "woof" but you know what he means.

Today, I am hoping to get outside and perhaps do a teeny bit of weeding--the large raised bed in the back yard is calling to me, as is the remaining 4x4 bed in the front garden.  I'd love to yank out the weeds and add some compost and then, perhaps, plant a couple seedlings or sow some seeds...but I have a feeling that it is planning on being wet.

Very, very wet.

Oh, the agony.  It just stinks when on the last day of your weekend, the weather doesn't want you to be outside doing what you want to do.  Yes, I could garden in the rain.  I dislike trying to do so, though, mostly because my glasses get all wet and I can't see and then I'm dripping and it is just extremely un-fun. 

Hence, when it is raining, I stay indoors, where it is dry but you can't garden.

Of course, if one must be indoors hiding from blinding raindrops, it's good to have something to look forward to.  Lucky me, I do!  My knitting group is gathering at my little cottage this afternoon, so there will be tea and cake and conversations to be had.  It will be wonderful.

I still rather wish I could at least spend some of my morning outside though...

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