Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Torn Roof, Busted.

Well, the high winds on Monday night didn't do too much damage to the Farmlette.  Unfortunately, they did cause another large branch to crash down on the tent roof of the Roundtop shelter I call the Car Hut.  And that branch caused the aged tent covering to split wide open at the center...leaving me with a massive "skylight". 

In a week where plenty of rain and additional storms are predicted, this really is not the greatest thing to have happen.  Plenty of stuff was shoved higgledy piggledy into the depths, and it all got a good soaking.  So yesterday after work was finished, I came home and commenced a clean out.  Not a purge, but close.  Anything soaked beyond repair got tossed.  A couple things had gotten broken, either by the storm or by something heavier blowing over and smashing it--they got tossed, too.  Everything that can't stand getting wet got parked into the former brooder area (which may become a hay/straw storage area this summer) or next to it.  A couple of tarps got tied over that so they hopefully won't flap off during the next storm, and will keep the water off of things.  I'm going to have to go out there after any rain and slide the tarps a bit to have the water run off, I suppose, but for now, it'll do.

I have plans to order a replacement cover, but they are fairly expense (around $400) and need to be special ordered, which I can't afford to do until the end-of-the-month pay day in a couple of weeks.  The structure is really solid, and this cover lasted at least 7 years after I bought it used from a neighbor, so I feel okay about investing in another cover.  It's just a pain to put it on, as it is heavy and really large and challenging to haul over the 12 foot high center ridge.

I have a plan though:  once the cover is in, I'm going to organize a Work Day and call in my friends.  With luck, at least a handful of folks will show up, we can get the cover on and tied in place, and then...good beer and bratwursts on the grill.  Not just any brats--I'm planning on getting brats from Louie's Finer Meats.  Oh my they have some great bratwursts!  I figure, if I'm going to have people dangling like monkeys moving a giant heavy piece of plasticized canvas over metal scaffolding, hopefully not when the wind is blowing and threatening to make them into human kites, they deserve some quality eats when they are all done.  Wouldn't you show up for a Work Day like that? I know I would!

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