Monday, June 23, 2014

Back Garden, Part Deux

And here is the south bed, which marks the edge of the back garden.  This year, it's home to my pole beans, Kentucky Wonder, which will hopefully grow up the scaffolding of bamboo poles.
It's also big enough to hold five sweet potato slips...

and two Cool Old Squash plants.

On the other end of the back garden, lives the hoophouse.  The incredibly difficult to photograph hoophouse.
Sigh--well, anyway, the tomatoes and basil are doing great in their raised beds, as are the teeny weeds that multiply as you watch.  And finally, tucked into an awkward corner, is my perennial veg bed:
Garlic, horseradish, Egyptian walking onions, lovage, and Jerusalem artichokes, and around the corner...
the asparagus forest.  It's amazing how tall the fronds can get in just a short time.  With any luck, next year, I'll be able to harvest more than three spears.

Tomorrow, on to the side garden.

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