Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Bit of a Tidy Up

The porch, once again, had become the repository of all things, with an added layer of dirt and cat hair.  It made for a quite attractive space...not.

So I spent Sunday morning giving it a bit of a clean.  I had purchased three sets of plastic shelving back in March, when they went on sale, and after a friend came to pick up the vintage-needing-work kitchen cabinet I had the space to set them up.  I find that shelves are so much more useful to keeping me organized that cupboards and cabinets.  Those, I stuff full and never find anything in their depths again.  They are like little wooden black holes.

So now I have shelves, which rapidly filled up with all sorts of gardening, painting, and other project gear. I'll likely tweak where everything is housed, and I really do need to go through it all and purge some odds and ends that I will not be using (ever).
I can once again see the top of my potting table, and there aren't any things on the floor to step on and poke myself (worse than Legos!) or to trip over because they stick out of odd corners.  It seems like the porch is always a work in progress, but for now, it's a tidier one.

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