Sunday, June 7, 2015

Self-Watering Tubs

Finally, the melons and cucumbers and last of the paste tomatoes are all happily planted into their cheerful self-watering containers.  I made these myself, according to plans found in the Fresh Food from Small Spaces book and at the Alaska Grow Buckets website.  They are really easy to put together, and work great for plants that love consistent, root-level watering.
The big tub (made last year) is home to Manny cucumbers and some marigolds, to hopefully repel any cucumber beetles.
The smaller tubs are home to Noir de Carmes melon, a variety that I am very excited to try growing this year.  I'm hoping they like the heat and light in the pop-up greenhouse, and I get lots!
And finally, the buckets of Orange Banana paste tomatoes.  I have to rig up the water bucket-self regulating system, but for now, I think they'll be okay watered from the top carefully.  I just love this variety of tomato.

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