Saturday, June 20, 2015

Big Color on the Big Coop

The Big Coop was due for a facelift, and the weather this past week was great for painting: no rain forecast for 48 hours, warm temps in the mid-70s, and light breezes to keep the worst of the bugs away.  So I broke out the paints and got to work.  For the main color, it was Hot Hibiscus all the way, to be trimmed in Lemon Lou and Teal Lake.  Above, you see the before shot in it's purple phlox-y glory...
And here you see it after the colors are applied.  I decided to keep the Hens & Chicks quilt square, because it seemed most appropriate for a chicken coop, but got rid of the little shelf as I don't have plans to replace the melted flower box that was destroyed in last fall's fire.
And here it is with two walls done.  Not bad, right?  I think it channels some 1950's retro charm, with a modern amped up color volume.  The door (not seen here) got a coat of teal paint, which looks really good in place of the rustic peeling white it had suffered through.  I have plans to paint some of the wood around the coop run panels, to give them some new life, and then reconfigure the run a little to make it more secure.  By the end of the weekend, the chicks should be able to check out the freedom of their outside run, safe from predators and visits from wild birds.

Incidentally, I figured out who is who in the chick mix.  I have five pullets, and seven cockerels.  Now I just need to label which cockerels keep biting me, and narrow down my choice for which cockerel will remain to become King of the Coop.

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