Monday, June 15, 2015

The Grand List

It's that time of year!  Finally, the requirements of work are (mostly) behind me and I can get on with living my real life: becoming a garden goddess.

Well, sort of.

But it is time to post my annual summer project list.  So without further ado, here it is in all its ambitious glory:

  • ·         Dig wildflower garden area and re-seed
  • ·         Clean Bunny Barn and finish summer bean planting
  • ·         Rework Big Coop run, add stumps and wild bird netting.
  • ·         Paint Big Coop.
  • ·         Get Little Coop ready for meat chicks.
  • ·         Replace south fence panel on Little Coop run.
  • ·         Plant ground cover roses on Berry Hill banks.
  • ·         Finish hugelkulture beds and plant blueberries (before they die)
  • ·         Re-cover the Tent Shed.
  • ·         Make new planting bed on west wall side of house.
  • ·         Research fermentation & improve technique.
  • ·         Knit hats for the gang at Sean’s Allotment.
  • ·         Work on another 3D knit project.
There's no particular order of importance, as usual, but with luck and a bit of hard work, everything will get completed before autumn rolls around again.   We'll all be impressed in September when we revisit this list again, right?

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