Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Hen Run Re-do

The run is ready for the chicks, whenever they decide to venture out and explore.  On the south side of the Big Coop, I've used deer netting which is a very fine plastic mesh.  But under the canopy of the remaining box elder tree, I've strung twine across in a zig-zag pattern.  Onto those strings, I've tied colorful tie-dye jersey cloth strips (which lend it a very festive gyspy-sideshow kind of air) which dangle and sway in the breeze.  It's enough movement to keep creatures from above, out, and creatures down below, in.  It gives the sensation that there is a "roof" above, so why bother trying to fly up and out, or down and in?

The run gets much more sunlight in the afternoons than it used to, so I'm going to add a couple solid "table" type structures, to add shade bits and provide areas that will stay fairly dry and perhaps can become sand beds for dust bathing.  I also need to roll a stump or two in there, to add elements of fun--plus, they can get rolled over from time to time and behold, there shall be bugs!

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