Thursday, June 4, 2015

Protecting 'Nip from the Cats

As you can see in the video clip above, I have a strategy for growing copious amounts of catnip and managing to keep the marauding cats from rolling it to death.

Planting into a large container serves two purposes: it keeps the spread of the catnip under control, and it also allows for better containment measures to keep the kitties out.  I found these old beat up wash tubs at garage sales, the bottoms pretty much rotted out: perfect for planting into!  I love it when I don't need to create drainage holes.

I filled them with good compost last year, and planted two catnip plants into each.  As you can see, they've spread to take over the whole tub.  I found a couple of discounted hanging basket frames (the kind that has coir liners usually) and turned them upside down into each pot.  Instant cat barriers!  The cats can squeeze in next to the wire basket frame, but they can't roll and crush the plant.  They can nibble at the tempting herby fronds, but they can't eat the whole plant to nubbins.

So, in short: the cats get their daily LSD trip, and I get to enjoy rustic decorative planters filled with an easy-to-care-for herb.  All I need to do is periodically unpot the plant, give it a good root prune, and replant with fresh compost.  Easy-peasy, and happy kitties to boot.

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